Child Policy Initiative

Child policy touches almost all aspects of society. It is a workforce issue, an economic issue, a community issue and a moral issue. We all have vested interests in seeing to it that our society produces healthy, well-educated adults capable of handling the types of jobs our world economy is producing, and we find a way for all of our children to at least have the chance to be successful in life.  — Andy Young

The Andrew Young School of Policy Studies (AYS) is uniquely positioned to convene a broad range of disciplines and interests to link research, policy and practice in a way that connects and strengthens all three.

AYS has a natural strength in child-related research. Faculty from Economics and Public Management and Policy, researchers from the GHPC, and faculty colleagues in other disciplines across Georgia State University engage in research of issues that impact child well-being including education, labor, health, and the impacts of public programs on child outcomes. We work with a variety of local, state and federal agencies and research institutions to further the understanding of how public policy affects child outcomes.

CPI Affiliated Faculty

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