Transition Age Youth and Young Adults

Posted On September 28, 2015

Transition age youth and young adults (TAYYA) ages 14 to 26 comprise a significant portion of the population in Georgia and across the nation. This age is particularly vulnerable to a variety of physical, behavioral, and social issues, due to difficulties that may arise when transitioning from childhood to adulthood. This booklet was designed by the Georgia Interagency… more »

Georgia Perinatal Health Meeting 2012 Summary

Posted On October 1, 2012

On October 1, 2012, the Maternal and Child Health Section of the Georgia Department of Public Health hosted a two day meeting/event aimed at bringing together a diverse group of stakeholders from across the state to discuss perinatal health in Georgia and approaches to improving outcomes. More than 60 attendees participated in the meeting which… more »

Process Evaluation of Georgia’s Integrated Family Support Demonstration Project: Findings From First Year Implementation Efforts

Posted On August 1, 2008

This report summarizes findings from the first year implementation efforts of the Georgia Department of Human Resources’ Integrated Family Support Demonstration Project. The goal of the project was to reduce child abuse and neglect and improve child health by providing support to Georgia’s families with infants and young children at highest risk for child maltreatment.