The current transformation of health and health care is anything but ordinary. Leaders in public health, while faced with a multitude of challenges, are also perfectly positioned to make extraordinary impact. The Georgia Health Policy Center along with the National Network of Public Health Institutes and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) developed an online planning tool to assist public health practitioners in dealing with a rapidly transforming health system.

Since 2013, this free resource has been used by more than 1,400 professionals in all 50 states. The planning tool uses a guided practice approach and a five-step process to keep users in action, resulting in a concrete plan for implementation. The planning tool offers information on health care reform, technical and adaptive challenges, and guides users through four frequently asked questions raised by public health. Partnering with the National Maternal and Child Health Workforce Development Center, the fourth guided practice focuses on maternal and child health and the challenges and opportunities specific to Title V practitioners.

The new and improved version of the planning tool relaunched in fall 2016 with fresh content, videos, resources, and examples of progress across the country. Visit to watch a video, learn more, and register for this free resource.

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