Our Services

The Georgia Health Policy Center (GHPC) provides evidence-based research, policy analysis, and translational services for communities and decision-makers.

GHPC views its core services as related components of a continuous cycle. We conduct research, collect and analyze data, and translate the findings for use by a broad range of stakeholders. We apply this knowledge toward policy development and program implementation. In turn, we evaluate policies and programs for effectiveness, further contributing to the research base available to decision-makers.

Our work connects decision-makers with the objective research and guidance needed to make informed decisions about health policy, financing, and program implementation. Our core services fall into the areas of:

The Georgia Health Policy Center approaches evaluation as a critical component of both research and programmatic activity that can inform and, ultimately, improve health outcomes and well-being. The center employs both qualitative and quantitative approaches to drive research and evaluation.

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Our technical assistance focuses on helping communities develop a strategic approach to program implementation, building capacity using technical and adaptive approaches, and focusing on long-term sustainability. To date we have partnered with more than 1,000 rural and urban communities around the nation.

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The Georgia Health Policy Center (GHPC) believes policy analysis is integrally tied to its research and evaluation activities, as part of a continuous cycle to inform and, ultimately, improve health outcomes and well-being. GHPC performs policy and economic analysis studies to inform policy decisions related to Medicaid and Children’s Health Insurance Program enrollment and reach.

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The Georgia Health Policy Center serves as a neutral convener to facilitate the sharing of information and to advance complex decision-making.

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The Georgia Health Policy Center facilitates strategic planning by helping our partners to define their visions, goals, and action plans to achieve strategic objectives. Our strategic planning services enable organizational growth and redesign, enactment of programmatic plans, and development of policy approaches to improved health and wellbeing.

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The Georgia Health Policy workforce services emphasize capacity building and professional development. Workforce development-related activities are informed by best practices and evidence-based methods to gather reliable data and design effective and informed curriculum.

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The Georgia Health Policy Center has experience overseeing the entire award and grant management cycle — including proposal development, establishment of selection criteria, dissemination, review, and selection, as well as ongoing program monitoring and technical assistance for awardees and grantees at local community organizations.

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Providing backbone support to a collective impact or other collaborative endeavor is a critical, but often behind-the-scenes, function. The Georgia Health Policy Center has long-standing experience in providing leadership and organizational support to advance large-scale initiatives.

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