Strategic Planning

About Our Approach

The Georgia Health Policy Center (GHPC) facilitates strategic planning by helping our partners to define their visions, goals, and action plans to achieve strategic objectives. Our strategic planning services enable organizational growth and redesign (federal, state, local, and private partners), enactment of programmatic plans (cancer control, chronic disease reduction, tobacco control, nutrition and physical activity, and health equity), and development of policy approaches to improved health and wellbeing.

A strategic plan is a management tool to help an organization focus its energy and ensure that its members are working toward common goals. The strategic plan is developed through a process that values input of key stakeholders and engages all members of the organization in discussion and a joint decision-making process.

GHPC helps to bring clarity to the goals and objectives, define audiences and stakeholders, and establish the mechanism of ongoing data collection and assessment that results in the creation of a strategic plan capable of ensuring that milestones are achieved.


Getting advice from an excellent corporate consultant

Learn about other ways we can assist your organization with our Technical Assistance, Policy & Economic Analysis or other services.

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More Services

Learn about other ways we can assist your organization with our other services.

Getting advice from an excellent corporate consultant

More Services 

Featured Projects

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Meet the Experts

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  • Chris Parker
    Chris Parker is the director of global and population health at the Georgia Health Policy Center. He holds a...
  • Deana Farmer
    Deana Farmer is a co-leader of the Georgia Health Policy Center’s Community Health Systems Development team and coordinates the...
  • Debra Kibbe
    Debra Kibbe is a senior research associate at the Georgia Health Policy Center (GHPC). For almost two decades she...