The Colorado Health Foundation

About this Project

In the fall of 2014, The Colorado Health Foundation’s board approved a multiyear commitment to support collective impact initiatives focused on developing healthy schools and transforming the way health care is delivered and paid for in Colorado. The collective impact effort — named BC3, or Better Care, Better Costs, Better Colorado — is working to align partners across government, philanthropy, nonprofits, and business to accelerate achievement of the Triple Aim. BC3 is led by a 15-member steering committee that identified initiatives in care transitions, emergency department use, and integrated and coordinated primary care as its priority areas.

The Georgia Health Policy Center (GHPC) is engaged in evaluating the work on behalf of the foundation. The evaluation includes assessment of the current status of the initiative against the five pillars of collective impact: common agenda, shared measurement system, mutually reinforcing activities, continuous communication, and backbone support. Additionally, to facilitate BC3’s momentum, GHPC works with the BC3 evaluation subcommittee and steering committee on its theory of change, in part, to clarify what can reasonably be measured in such an ambitious undertaking. This evaluation employs developmental and realist frameworks in which GHPC details both the group’s history and forward trajectory through document review, key informant interviews, participation in site visits and meetings, and sense making. Key to these frameworks is an acknowledgement of the ever-evolving nature of the work and the need to tailor the evaluation as BC3’s work unfolds.

Meet the Researchers


Karen Minyard


Ph.D., Georgia State University
M.N., Medical College of Georgia
B.N., University of Virginia


Karen Minyard, Ph.D., has been director of the Georgia Health Policy Center (GHPC) since 2001 and is also a research professor with the Department of Public Management and Policy. Minyard connects the research, policy, and programmatic work of the center across issue areas including population health, health philanthropy, public and private health coverage, and the… more »


Glenn Landers

Research Assistant Professor, Director of Health Systems

Sc.D., Tulane University
M.H.A., M.B.A., Georgia State University
B.S., Syracuse University


Glenn Landers is an assistant research professor in the Andrew Young School of Policy Studies and the director of health systems at GHPC. In his current portfolio, Landers leads the community health system development and long-term services and supports teams. He also plays a lead role in the center’s approaches to evaluation, collective impact,… more »


Jane Branscomb

Senior Research Associate

M.P.H., Emory University
B.E., Vanderbilt University


Jane Branscomb is a senior research associate at the Georgia Health Policy Center. She is actively involved in policy analysis and evaluation in projects related to health promotion, public health planning, and health system transformation. She has a particular interest in high-leverage opportunities to advance health equity and remove barriers to health.

Branscomb leads the… more »