CJA Releases Final Issue of Take-Home Advice for Community Health Collaboratives

This week, in conjunction with Communities Joined in Action’s (CJA’s) annual conference, the Georgia Health Policy Center released A Summary of Learnings from Catalysts, the latest installment of the “Take-Home Advice from Community Initiatives Improving Health & Equity” series.

This is the final in the series and serves as a capstone reflecting on the findings of the previous issues, unanswered questions about how to catalyze population health improvement, and insights for how these efforts will evolve in the coming years. By sharing these insights from catalyst leaders, CJA hopes to give communities useful perspectives and inspiration to accelerate achievement of their intended goals.

“CJA believes sharing best practices and tools can spread knowledge useful to community collaboratives as they work to eliminate health disparities,” says Ashley Jones, GHPC’s operations manager and co-chair for CJA’s national conference planning committee.

GHPC launched the series of take-home advice publications to accelerate local organizations’ efforts toward achieving better health and well-being for their communities in 2015, on behalf of CJA. The series is based on semiannual surveys of leaders from organizations catalyzing population health. To read the full series, click here.