Community Readiness Framework Can Aid System Modeling Use

A community readiness framework can help to identify communities ready for engagement with validated system dynamics models, according to a Georgia Health Policy Center paper recently published in System Dynamics Review. The framework, developed as part of the study, focuses on the preconditions that enable communities to effectively use models in their planning.

“There… more »

GHPC Contributes to Book on Collective Impact

Collective impact efforts can be enhanced with the use of systems tools. Without a strong understanding of the broader system that created the present concern, collaboratives will find it difficult to make progress against complex, deeply entrenched social problems. This is true regardless of the issue a collaborative is undertaking—poverty reduction, childhood obesity, early… more »

REdHHoTT Review Finds Evidence Supporting Transfusion Recommendations Lacking

More studies are needed to determine best strategies for reducing complications associated with blood transfusions in patients with sickle cell disease, according to a review published in Transfusion Medicine Reviews.

The paper is authored by advisors of the REdHHoTT project (Registry and Education for Hemovigilance in Hemoglobinopathy) in Georgia. The Georgia Health Policy… more »

GHPC’s Glenn Landers Published in the SaportaReport

Posted On August 13, 2018
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Cutting poverty. Improving high school graduation rates. Reducing health disparities. Progress towards these ambitious goals can be slow, as the work towards achieving large-scale social impact is complex.

Seven years ago, the publication of John Kania and Mark Kramer’s influential paper defining “collective impact,” the commitment of a group of diverse organizations from different… more »

Developmental Evaluations Surface Insights for Ongoing Collective Impact Efforts

Posted On August 5, 2018
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Not all collective impact initiatives will succeed, but practitioners and funders can learn from initiatives regardless of their success, according to a Georgia Health Policy Center paper published in Foundation Review.

An evaluation of the Colorado Health Foundation’s collective impact efforts around health care delivery system and payment reform revealed that a… more »

GHPC Continues to Increase Research Output as Part of Five-year Research Strategic Plan

Posted On July 31, 2018
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The Georgia Health Policy Center is in the midst of implementing its five-year strategic plan for research. In 2017, the center took important steps to grow its research outputs and strengthen its research partnerships across the Georgia State University community and beyond.

GHPC is committed to expanding its research capacity over the next five… more »

GHPC’s Kristi Fuller Published in the SaportaReport

It is well-known that the baby-boom generation is aging, with about 10,000 individuals turning 65 each day. This generation has the longest life expectancy to date and benefits from advances in health care and technology. However, this generation is also more disabled, dealing with more chronic health conditions and managing more prescription medications than… more »