Health in All Policies

GHPC’s Groundbreaking Effort Integrates Health Metrics into Affordable Housing Design

Where you live can have long-lasting effects on your health. Some of these links are well understood. Access to pedestrian-friendly, well-lit streets, plentiful greenspace, and grocery stores leads to more physical activity and better nutrition. But, other links between housing and health may be more subtle, like proximity to a highway or the quality of… more »

GHPC Completes Health Impact Assessment (HIA) to Inform Green Infrastructure Planning in the Memphis, TN Region

The GHPC has completed an HIA examining how to incorporate community health into green infrastructure planning as envisioned in the Mid-South Regional Greenprint, a HUD-funded initiative in the Memphis region led by Shelby County’s Office of Sustainability. The Greenprint Plan is designed to enhance regional livability and sustainability by establishing a unified vision for a… more »

Leveraging housing tax credits for a healthy, prosperous Georgia

The GHPC is conducting a HIA to inform the 2015 Georgia Qualified Allocation Plan for Low Income Housing Tax Credits. The HIA will focus on the proposed criteria for allocating the tax credits, and consider how these criteria will impact health through the effects on housing for vulnerable populations and community development decisions. The GHPC… more »