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GHPC’s Glenn Landers Published in the SaportaReport

Posted On August 13, 2018
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Cutting poverty. Improving high school graduation rates. Reducing health disparities. Progress towards these ambitious goals can be slow, as the work towards achieving large-scale social impact is complex.

Seven years ago, the publication of John Kania and Mark Kramer’s influential paper defining “collective impact,” the commitment of a group of diverse organizations from different… more »

GHPC’s Kristi Fuller Published in the SaportaReport

It is well-known that the baby-boom generation is aging, with about 10,000 individuals turning 65 each day. This generation has the longest life expectancy to date and benefits from advances in health care and technology. However, this generation is also more disabled, dealing with more chronic health conditions and managing more prescription medications than… more »

GHPC’s Kristi Fuller Published in the SaportaReport

As a single mother of two young girls, Michelle found herself in a nursing facility after suffering from a brain-stem stroke which led to loss of speech and quadriplegia.

“No one belongs in a nursing facility,” Michelle* said, “especially not at 34 years old. These are good people here but I didn’t belong there.”

Patricia,… more »