Claudia Lacson Memorial Fund

ClaudiaLacsonThe fund is established to honor the life of Claudia Lacson and continue her work to reduce and eliminate health disparities through community-based research and programming.  The elimination of health care disparities was Claudia’s passion, and she had a gift for unleashing the power of communities to impact these health issues.

As a physician, she treated and cared for the medically-underserved in her hometown of Bogota, Colombia.  When she moved to the United States and joined the Georgia Health Policy Center, she created community-based infrastructures to ensure health care services were offered and delivered in a manner that provided care for more people.  It is tragically ironic that in July 2004, Claudia died of a disease associated with disparity, Tuberculosis.

The causes of health disparities are many.  They include poverty, level of education, inadequate access to health care, lack of health insurance, societal discrimination, and lack of complete knowledge about the causes, treatment and prevention of serious diseases disproportionately affecting different populations.

The Claudia Lacson Memorial Fund, housed at the Georgia Health Policy Center, addresses the real needs of real people in real communities by defining, documenting and addressing disparities in health care, community-by-community, in a way that makes a real difference.

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