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Positioning for Sustainability: A Formative Assessment Tool

The Georgia Health Policy Center (GHPC) developed the Positioning for Sustainability: A Formative Assessment Tool© to assist community organizations and their local partners in preparing for the long-term viability and success of local health initiatives. The tool is used in conjunction with the Sustainability Framework©.

Formative assessments are particularly helpful in evaluating current performance and identifying areas for action while there is still time to influence the end result. Local health programs and collaborations can be sustained long-term with foresight and effective planning. The Formative Assessment Tool is a structured process to aid teams in reflecting on how well their program is currently positioned for sustainability by identifying areas of strength and opportunities for improvement with a goal of improving the sustainability of local health initiatives, particularly in rural areas.

GHPC uses the Formative Assessment Tool as a key component of technical assistance, particularly with the Health Resources and Services Administration’s rural health grantees. The tool is often employed with consortia members as a way to gather input from multiple partners on individuals’ views of the strength of the partnerships, programming, and potential for longer-term impact. Results from the assessment can be used by grantees and their partners to chart a path forward to increasing the potential for sustainability.

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