Mission & Values

Our Mission

Integrating research, policy, and programs to advance health and well-being


Our Conceptual Framework

GHPC Triangle








Our Values

These values are the foundation and basic principles that influence our daily decisions and actions, helping us to realize our shared vision and accomplish our mission.

Adherence to Commitments – Whether it is a formal contract, a phone call request, or a handshake with a state official, a foundation officer, an advocate, or a team member, we honor our agreements in terms of quality and timeliness. We also recognize the importance of both personal and professional commitments and the need to have balance in our lives.

Continuous Learning – We recognize the evolving nature of our work and experiences.  We learn from clients, communities, and each other.  We are open to new ideas and approaches and want our work to reflect our emergent knowledge and experiences.

Effective Communication – While we conduct evidenced-based research, we recognize that policy change does not occur without effective communication.  We strive to translate our work clearly and effectively in our personal communications as well as in newsletters, issue briefs, or journal articles.

Genuine Personal Relationships – We are present with one another and with our clients, engaged in honest conversation, speaking truthfully and valuing their input.  Whether in the office or the community, at the local, state or national level, we seek to understand what people need.  We value diversity, humor, sincerity, authenticity and teamwork in our relationships.  Our relationships foster an environment where effective communication and collaboration can occur.

Innovation – We strive to be an organization committed to innovative approaches to our work.  We seek to partner with those who are intellectually curious and who desire to bring the “best of the best” to challenging opportunities.

Integrity – In our relationships with people and in our work, we are honest, credible, and truthful.  We are viewed as trustworthy and incorruptible in what we learn and how we translate information.

Service – We provide a service to others, which can be viewed as both customer service – understanding and responding to peoples’ needs and expectations – and public service for the greater good.