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Organizational & Backbone Support

About Our Approach

Providing backbone support to a collective impact or other collaborative endeavor is a critical, but often behind-the-scenes, function. The Georgia Health Policy Center (GHPC) has long-standing experience in providing leadership and organizational support to advance large-scale initiatives.

GHPC has the staff, resources, and skills to effectively fulfill all six of the identified backbone activities needed to support the life cycle of collective impact and other large-scale initiatives, including:

  • Guiding vision and strategy
  • Supporting aligned activities
  • Establishing shared measurement practices
  • Building public will
  • Advancing policy
  • Mobilizing funding


When serving as the backbone organization, GHPC brings its leadership and coordinating skills to convene and coordinate partner organizations, funders, and other stakeholders. The role of the backbone organization evolves as the initiative matures, but it can include staffing; convening and coordinating; and managing evaluation, research, and communications functions.

Organizational & Backbone Support Fact Sheet

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