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Policy & Economic Analysis

About Our Approach

Policy development and analysis has been a core competency of the Georgia Health Policy Center (GHPC) since its inception. GHPC believes policy development and analysis is integrally tied to its research and evaluation activities, as part of a continuous cycle to inform and, ultimately, improve health outcomes and well-being.

GHPC’s policy analyses include identifying and characterizing policy options, evaluating policies in terms of potential health and economic impact, conducting regulatory compliance reviews, and assessing the effect of policies after implementation.

GHPC performs policy and economic analysis studies to inform policy decisions related to Medicaid and Children’s Health Insurance Program enrollment and reach. The center also analyzes program costs in relationship to quality. Other policy analysis projects have studied the association of smoke-free laws and asthma discharges, the impact of a health check visit policy for foster care children, and how school physical education and nutrition policies affect the health and fitness of children and youth.

Policy development and analysis relies on thoroughly researching the existing evidence base. This includes reviewing the literature and interviewing subject matter experts; designing and administering surveys and focus groups; and evaluating qualitative and quantitative data. Ultimately, this evidence-based knowledge is translated and disseminated via briefs, reports, and peer-reviewed articles, and incorporated into our role as a thought partner with our clients.

GHPC holds itself to rigorous standards making it a trusted third party, capable of developing impartial and well-informed policy research and analysis. Adherence to guiding principles ensures that GHPC’s services are tailored to our partners’ needs, yet methodically and impartially produced to support complex health policy decision-making.

Policy and Economic Analysis Fact Sheet


Getting advice from an excellent corporate consultant

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More Services

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Getting advice from an excellent corporate consultant

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