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Research & Evaluation

About Our Approach

The Georgia Health Policy Center (GHPC) takes a broad perspective on research that enables our applied work to simultaneously fulfill client needs and contribute to a research cycle that informs the broader field. The center employs both qualitative and quantitative approaches to drive research and evaluation.

We are active in health policy and health services research, as well as action research that informs best practices. We actively share our empirical findings through presentations at national conferences and publication in peer-reviewed journals.

GHPC approaches evaluation as a critical component of both research and programmatic activity that can inform and, ultimately, improve health outcomes and well-being. Evaluation is a formalized approach to studying the goals, processes, and impacts of projects, policies, and programs. A key component to our evaluation approach is that clients work in partnership with GHPC and are able to quickly apply findings to their own practices. Our signature style is based upon insights from a broad range of policy analysis, community-based research, technical assistance, and capacity-building experiences of our multidisciplinary team.

GHPC conducts evaluations to:

  • Assess impact
  • Stimulate program and process improvement
  • Inform policy
  • Contribute to the knowledge base

Our expertise includes:

  • Formative, summative, developmental, and realist evaluation
  • Logic model development
  • Theory of Change development
  • Survey design and implementation
  • Needs assessment
  • Development of indicators and evaluation measures
  • Performance monitoring
  • Evaluation capacity building

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