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Abhay Mishra

Affiliated Faculty    ,

Ph.D., University of Texas at Austin
M.B.A., Xavier Labor Relations Institute, India
B. Tech., National Institute of Technology, India


Application of IT for clinical, operational and financial improvements in health care
IT, process innovations and organizational impacts
Analytics in health care, manufacturing and electronic commerce
Electronic procurement and supply chain management
IT capabilities and strategy
IT innovations and their implementation


Abhay Mishra is an associate professor in the Health Administration Department at Georgia State University and an affiliated faculty member at the Georgia Health Policy Center.

Mishra specializes in the application of IT for clinical, operational, and financial improvements in health care, analytics in health care, manufacturing and electronic commerce, electronic procurement and supply chain management, and IT innovations and their implementation. His research has helped policymakers in the state of Georgia in the redesign of their benefit eligibility system.

His research has been referenced in Yahoo! Finance, CNBC, Insurance News Net, and the Healthcare Financial Management Association. One of his papers was listed on Social Science Research Network’s top 10 downloaded list for HEN: Doctors (Topic) in April 2013. Some articles Mishra has published include “Can Information Technology Improve the Medicaid Application Process?” “Planning for Eligibility Modernization,” and “Virtualizing the Medicaid Application Process in Georgia.”