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Jane Branscomb

Senior Research Associate    

M.P.H., Emory University
B.E., Vanderbilt University


Jane Branscomb is a senior research associate at the Georgia Health Policy Center. She is actively involved in policy analysis and evaluation in projects related to health promotion, public health planning, and health system transformation. She has a particular interest in high-leverage opportunities to advance health equity and remove barriers to health.

Branscomb leads the center’s systems thinking efforts. She uses systems thinking tools and principles, visual and verbal communication skills, and team facilitation to help stakeholders understand and use quantitative information and complex data in decision-making. In addition, she supports clients with technical assistance in using simulation models, planning and conducting evaluations, and facilitating strategic planning. Additionally, Branscomb directs a multi-year, collaborative project to improve outcomes for individuals with sickle cell disease through provider- and community-based interventions, as well as other projects focused on capacity-building for health nonprofits and evaluating health system transformation efforts.