Georgia’s Interagency Directors Team

About this Project

Interagency collaboration is a central element to developing a System of Care. Georgia’s Interagency Directors Team (IDT), a multiagency, public-private collaborative, works to promote better child and adolescent behavioral health in the state. The Georgia Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities initially created IDT in order to implement an integrated approach to achieve collective impact in the child and adolescent System of Care; the collaborative has since grown in membership, scope, and impact. The work of IDT informs policy and practice and allows for shared resources and funding. IDT currently consists of more than 20 representatives from state agencies and nongovernmental organizations that serve children with behavioral health needs.

The Center of Excellence for Children’s Behavioral Health at the Georgia Health Policy Center provides backbone and organizational support services to IDT. The Center of Excellence supports IDT by guiding vision and strategy, supporting aligned activities, and through research and evaluation. Specifically, these services include:

  • Comprehensive strategic research to inform strategic goals, operations, and best practices.
  • Facilitation of an interagency framework with memorandum of understanding and development of operating guidelines for collaborative development and sustainability.
  • Promotion of and support for interagency data sharing.
  • Facilitation of strategic planning and monthly meetings to progress System of Care goals.
  • Qualitative and quantitative data compilation and policy analysis relevant to yearly strategic System of Care goals.
  • Preparation and dissemination of annual reports and informational materials related to strategic Georgia System of Care topics and collaborative work, as well as presentation of IDT accomplishments at professional conferences.
  • Evaluation of the IDT’s efforts and progress toward their strategic goals.

Meet the Researchers

Ann DiGirolamo

Research Associate Professor, Director of Behavioral Health

Ph.D., Indiana University
M.P.H., Emory University
B.A., Emory University


Ann DiGirolamo is the director of behavioral health at the Georgia Health Policy Center and director of the Center of Excellence for Children’s Behavioral Health. She is also an adjunct faculty member at Rollins School of Public Health at Emory University. DiGirolamo provides expertise in research, evaluation, workforce development, and policy related to child… more »

Angela Snyder

Director of Health Policy and Financing, Research Assistant Professor

Ph.D., Yale University
M.P.H., Tulane University
B.S., University of Richmond


Angie Snyder is the director of health policy and financing at the Georgia Health Policy Center, and her work focuses on applied research of policy and program evaluation for state- and community-level health projects. Her research uses both qualitative and quantitative data (including administrative databases) to study the health outcomes that result from the organization… more »

Melissa Haberlen

Senior Research Associate

J.D., Georgia State University
M.P.H., Georgia State University
B.S., Georgia Institute of Technology


Melissa Haberlen is an attorney and senior research associate at the Georgia Health Policy Center (GHPC). She has experience in health policy research, health law analysis and advisement, employer group health management, health benefits contract procurement and negotiation, human rights law, and project management.

Her health policy research experience encompasses a variety of topics, including… more »

Lucy Rabinowitz

Research Associate l 

M.P.H., Emory University
B.A., Emory University


Lucy Rabinowitz is a research associate I at the Georgia Health Policy Center. She works on the Center of Excellence for Children’s Behavioral Health team. Her research interests include mental and behavioral health, health care and social services delivery and access, health disparities in vulnerable populations, and social determinants of health. She has… more »