Health Reform

About this Project

As health reform is currently being debated at the national level, GHPC is undertaking a comprehensive effort to understand and translate health reform proposals for our local, state, and national partners. We have constructed the Health Reform Work Group, which is composed of a multidisciplinary team of faculty and staff from GSU’s Andrew Young School of Policy Studies, the J. Mack Robinson College of Business, the College of Law, and the Rollins School of Public Health at Emory University. Team members have expertise in health policy, health care administration, economics, insurance, finance, employee benefits, risk management, long-term care, public health, and law.

The work group operates in real time to track and analyze health reform proposals, and to translate and disseminate information to stakeholders through policy briefs, presentations, panel discussions, tool kits, and webinars.  This work will assist our partners in building a knowledge base to inform decision making from a systems perspective; and help stakeholders (government agencies, public health departments, hospitals, and other provider organizations) build their capacity to strategically plan in a time of health system transformation.

The work group will track the implementation of any law that emerges with keen interest on its impact in Georgia, regarding rates of uninsured, responses from private and public markets, regulations, court decisions, and responses from other states. Check back for further updates and tools for health reform.


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Meet the Researchers

Karen Minyard


Ph.D., Georgia State University
M.N., Medical College of Georgia
B.N., University of Virginia


Karen Minyard, Ph.D., has been director of the Georgia Health Policy Center (GHPC) since 2001 and is also a research professor with the Department of Public Management and Policy. Minyard connects the research, policy, and programmatic work of the center across issue areas including population health, health philanthropy, public and private health coverage, and the… more »

Bill Rencher

Senior Research Associate

M.P.H., Georgia State University
J.D., University of Florida
B.A., Furman University.


Bill Rencher is a senior research associate at the Georgia Health Policy Center (GHPC) and serves as the senior advisor to GHPC CEO, Karen Minyard. His expertise includes federal and state Medicaid regulations, compliance reviews, legal analysis, and report writing. Rencher also has experience with hospital financial assistance programs, federal and state health care… more »