Recent Accomplishments

In 2017,

  • GHPC Developed the Rural Health Module

In order to expand understanding of the importance of the rural context within the scope of health improvement efforts, GHPC developed two learning opportunities—a one-hour overview and three-hour experiential learning workshop. In 2017, the rural modules were presented to audiences at the local, state, and federal levels, including local community organizations, state health departments, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and Health Resources and Services Administration’s Federal Office of Rural Health Policy (FORHP).


  • GHPC Received National Recognition for Its Low-Income Housing Tax Credit Work

GHPC continues to receive recognition for its groundbreaking health impact assessment of the 2015 Qualified Allocation Plan for Low-Income Housing Tax Credits in Georgia, which identified how the state’s allocation of low-income housing tax credits can be strengthened to support affordable housing as a platform for population health. The GHPC Health in All Policies team continues to build on this success by strengthening partnerships with affordable housing stakeholders in the state and nationally, speaking to multisector audiences, and consulting with other states on how to incorporate health perspectives into their housing policies. They have also secured resources that expand this work in Georgia to include evaluation, knowledge exchange, and capacity building for several local housing authorities around the state as they renovate their public housing stocks to be more sustainable and healthy. GHPC’s work in this area was also referenced in 2017 in Roll Call.


  • GHPC Launched a Global Health Portfolio

In 2017, GHPC launched a portfolio of work in global health. The initial portfolio reflects the center’s strengths in evaluation and policy analysis. GHPC is currently engaged in the development of a monitoring and evaluation framework for a public health training initiative in Nigeria and Sudan, in partnership with the Carter Center, and recently began a realist synthesis to inform how Ireland’s new drug strategy addresses the needs of individuals with co-occurring mental health and substance use needs, and to develop guidance for best practice strategies for the integration of mental health and substance use services.


  • GHPC Relaunched its Health Reform Work Group

With health reform once again being debated at the national level in 2017, GHPC undertook comprehensive efforts to understand and translate health reform proposals for our local, state, and national partners. GHPC re-established its multidisciplinary Health Reform Work Group in order to track and analyze health reform proposals, to translate and disseminate information, and build a knowledge base to inform decision making. In 2017, the group published more than a dozen presentations, comparison charts, and policy briefs.


  • GHPC’s Hemoglobin Surveillance Group Hit Two Milestones

GHPC is the data-coordinating center for multi-institutional projects focused on surveillance of and health promotion for individuals with blood disorders in Georgia. In 2017, GHPC released a three-year Sickle Cell Disease Research Plan to guide the use of surveillance data to develop policies and practices that can improve the lives of people with sickle cell disease, as part of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC’s) Sickle Cell Data Collection program. Additionally, the Georgia REdHHoTT project, with support from the CDC, launched a free, web-based continuing education series to increase awareness of and adherence to evidence-based transfusion practices for patients with sickle cell disease.


  • GHPC’s Center of Excellence for Children’s Behavioral Health Continued to Grow

The Center of Excellence for Children’s Behavioral Health is continuing to expand its work in supporting state agencies address the important public health issue of behavioral health. The team is supporting the Georgia Interagency Directors Team (IDT) for Children’s Behavioral Health in the development and implementation of its System of Care state plan and will help IDT in the implementation of the recommendations released by the Governor’s Commission on Children’s Mental Health. The Center of Excellence continues to grow both in the scale of its work and in staff. The team now has three certified trainers in mental health first aid.


  • GHPC Selected as Facilitation Leader for National Efforts

GHPC continues to be selected as a facilitator and convener for multiple national-level initiatives. These convenings highlight GHPC’s strengths in meeting design and facilitation and connecting stakeholders with objective, informed content. Topically, these meetings showcase the center’s expertise in health equity and population health. In 2017, GHPC facilitated meetings related to rural philanthropy with FORHP, the CDC’s Hi-5 initiative, and rural health disparities in partnership with the CDC, FORHP, the National Governors Association, and the National Network of Public Health Institutes.